CYBERMONDAY 50% OFF (Discount Code CYBERM) 100% Pure Guayusa from Ecuador

  • Guayusa is a sustainable naturally caffeinated Amazonian leaf that grows primarily in Ecuador.
  • Guayusa has 2x more antioxidants than commercial green tea products along with ferulic acid which can help improve blood circulation.
  • Guayusa releases its caffeine slowly to provide a sustained focused energy and is easy on your stomach
    • Guayusa tea has all 15 essential amino acids,including Leucine, which is needed to build and repair muscle tissue.
      • Taste: Rich earthy aroma, smooth and not bitter due to the lack of tannins, slightly sweet
      • Brewing: Bring fresh cold water to a boil and pour over pyramid bag. Steep 5 minutes or more depending on desired strength
      • Order today and discover the ancient tea of Ecuador that will bring the power of guayusa to you!





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