About us

Viecua was founded by husband and wife team Rob and Sandy.

Sandy served in the Peace Corps and travelled throughout Central and South America. She was also a teacher in NYC before moving overseas. Helping people is in her blood.

Sandy is a native Ecuadorian that remembers her grandmother making guayusa when she was a little girl.

She is proud to be the first Ecuadorian living in the UK to be able to offer this high quality tea.  We ship internationally as well.


Rob grew up in the US and has worked in technology in NYC, Switzerland and London.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to let people know about guayusa, and how it can benefit your health,help others and benefit the rainforest.

We are committed to being a socially conscious company that aims to benefit indigenous Ecuadorian farmers, contribute towards rainforest conservation as well as offering a healthy delicious guayusa tea.


Bringing the power of guayusa to you.

Drop us a mail at viecua@gmail.com with any comments or suggestions.



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