Viecua guayusa tea

Guayusa tea has been the Ecuadorian energizing drink of Sandy's ancestors: the Kichwas since ancient times. It has been called the "night watchman". Guayusa has given them a sustained release of energy which to improve their mental concentration and energy during the hunt.  Guayusa also offers about double the antioxidants than green tea, along with polyphenols, all 15 amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Guayusa lacks tannins so the taste is smooth, non-bitter and slightly sweet.

Guayusa can be enjoyed hot or cold. You'll love the sustained energy and clean taste.

Bring the power of guayusa to your body. It'll thank you for it.

Brewing: We recommend using  2 grams per 250 ml/8 oz cup, and brewing for about 5 minutes. Another added bonus of guayusa is that the leaves can be re-steeped a second time.


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